Quick Answer: When People Say You Have A Unique Look?

Why does the author say the girl has an interesting face?

The narrator remarked that the girl had an interesting face.

This very saying seemed to be a flattery.

The narrator was travelling in a solitary train compartment to Dehra and then Mussoorie..

What’s another word for distinct?

Some common synonyms of distinct are apparent, clear, evident, manifest, obvious, patent, and plain. While all these words mean “readily perceived or apprehended,” distinct implies such sharpness of outline or definition that no unusual effort to see or hear or comprehend is required.

What does purposeful mean?

1 : having a purpose: such as. a : meaningful purposeful activities. b : intentional purposeful ambiguity. 2 : full of determination was soft-spoken but purposeful.

Does Unique mean special?

As adjectives the difference between unique and special is that unique is (not comparable) being the only one of its kind; unequaled, unparalleled or unmatched while special is distinguished by a unique or unusual quality.

What does it mean when someone says you have an interesting face?

Answer. By the sentence “you have an interesting face” the man means something gentle and graceful in a flattery way thts why the man makes the remark that it was safe and a few girls can resist flattery.

What makes a face recognizable?

Research shows that many people recognize faces even if they forget other key details about a person, like their name or their job. That makes sense: As highly social animals, humans need to be able to quickly and easily identify each other by sight. … That is: how the patches recognize faces.

How do you know if someone is special?

Here’s 17 signs you’ve found someone special.They make you laugh. … They’re sexy. … They get on with your friends. … They don’t laugh at you when you call them bae. … They still love you, even when you’re acting crazy. … You enjoy relaxing with them. … You’re comfortable around each other. … You always want to know how they’re doing.More items…•Apr 19, 2015

What is a great compliment?

Complimenting Positivity You have the best laugh. You light up the room. You have a great sense of humor. If cartoon bluebirds were real, a couple of ’em would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now.

What does it mean when someone says you have a unique look?

It’s something that they like, it’s something that most others would see as different, weird, absurd, or gross, sometimes people admire it thinking it’s cool, stylish, poppin, or rad. I think the best of unique looks are the ones that are the most unconventional, but the people who wear them have the best confidence.

Is being called unique a compliment?

It’s the largest in the world, even bigger than the blue diamonds in the London Crown Jewels. “Unique” in this first definition is a huge compliment. “Unique” here means “the best there is.”

What makes a person’s face unique?

Human populations show extensive variability in facial morphology that is used for individual recognition. … And the most variable trait of all was the triangular shape that connects the eyes, mouth and nose — making our faces the most unique parts of our body.

What makes a person beautiful?

A beautiful person can look at you and actually see you, accept you and recognize the beauty and the divine in you. Their presence makes them beautiful. Their ability to be alive in that moment and appreciate what they’re seeing and sensing makes them beautiful.

What makes you who you are as a person?

A person is a self-conscious mental being who, according to the English philosopher John Locke (1632–1704), is “a thinking, intelligent being, that has reason and reflection, and can consider itself as itself, the same thinking thing, in different times and places.” According to this definition, you are a person …

What are distinct words?

vocabulary. Let me define “distinct”. I mean how many base words are there (ignoring grammatical changes). For example, ice and water would be distinct words, but water and waters would not be distinct enough because one is just the plural of another.

Is it good to have a unique face?

Credit: UC Berkeley. According to a new study, evolution has favored humans with distinctive facial features because it is beneficial for people to be able to recognize each other, and be recognizable. “If everyone looked more or less the same there would be total chaos,” study co-author Dr. Michael J.

What does a distinct look mean?

2 : having or giving a special look or way distinctive clothes. Other Words from distinctive. distinctively adverb.

How do you compliment a talent?

If you want to praise the body of knowledge and expertise that someone has, you can call them an expert!Can you teach me how you did that? You are an expert at this!I knew that you spent a lot of time practicing your singing and that you had a lot of talent at it, but now you have really become an expert at this!Oct 30, 2017

What does it mean if a person is unique?

—used to say that something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else. : very special or unusual. : belonging to or connected with only one particular thing, place, or person. See the full definition for unique in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Why is my face so unique?

The amazing variety of human faces – far greater than that of most other animals – is the result of evolutionary pressure to make each of us unique and easily recognizable, according to a new study by University of California, Berkeley, scientists.